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Posts on the history, artists and development of the charango

What is a Charango
Las cuerdas de mi Charango traducen mis sentimientos: cuando estoy contento ríen, cuando estoy con pena lloranJosé Prudencio Bustillo (1922) The charango is a stringed musical instrument of the lute family, of Andean origin but now widespread throughout much of South America. Its sound is ringing, penetrating but extremely sweet.It is the…
sociedad boliviana del charango
Half a century with the Bolivian Charango Society: a documentary
On 6 April 1973, the Sociedad Boliviana del Charango (SBC) was founded in La Paz, Bolivia. The names of the founders were already well known, but over the years they would write the history of the modern charango not only in Bolivia but throughout the world: they were Ernesto Cavour Aramayo, William Ernesto Centellas and…