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Birth of the Italian Charango Society

There is wonderful news for all charanguistas and anyone interested in Andean musics and cultures: on 10 November 2023, the Italian Charango Society was established in Venice, Italy.

Verbale di costituzione Società Italiana del Charango APS
10 novembre 2023, Venezia

It is a social promotion association that is actively committed to promoting and disseminating the cultural heritage of the charango, Andean instruments and Andean music, not only in Italy but also in Europe and worldwide.

I soci fondatori hanno eletto le seguenti persone per le cariche sociali:

The founding members elected the following persons to office:

Achille Zoni – president

Mario Cardona – councillor and treasurer

Antonio Paolillo – councillor

The goals are numerous. We intend to create support networks among Italian and European musicians interested in this heritage. This exchange of knowledge and experience will help consolidate a passionate and committed community. For this reason, the production of high-quality information materials on charango and Andean musics is another important goal. The production of comprehensive and accurate resources can help spread a deep understanding of charango cultures.

charangos in esposizione al festival di Aiquile

Collaboration with public or private entities, companies, and other associations serves to create synergies that improve the dissemination of charango culture and support the production and performance of this instrument and related instruments in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador, as well as anywhere else in the world. For this reason, too, the Italian Charango Society seeks to foster connections between Europe and South America, focusing especially on the Andean countries. The goal is to support, protect and encourage this cultural heritage in the places that give of origin of the instrument, promoting meaningful exchanges with other entities.

That is why we have already initiated discussions with the Sociedad Boliviana del Charango to configure ourselves as the first foreign branch of the Sociedad Boliviana del Charango! Together, we intend to enhance the dissemination of the instrument and its repertoire.

As a conduit for musicians, luthiers, and enthusiasts, the Italian Charango Society strives to facilitate access to instruments, repertoire, and information related to the charango and other Andean instruments. It wants to be a resource that facilitates the connection between those who seek and those who offer, thus promoting the dissemination and knowledge of these instruments.

All this is done for now through the page of, which is the main channel for the dissemination of the musical culture of the charango and its heritage in Italy and from now on will also be the privileged communication channel of the Italian Charango Society.c

If you wish to get in contact with the Società Italiana del Charango, please write at [email protected]

Qhallalla el charango!