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Essential Charango chords

Charango chords: Major, Minor, Dominant, Augmented, and Diminished

Are you a beginner struggling with basic chords on your charango? Look no further!

Introducing a comprehensive PDF guide that showcases the primary chord positions and the most commonly used inversions. This guide features 12 chord charts, one for each key. The chords are written for a charango in standard tuning: temple natural (G-C-E-A-E).

  • Charango Chords: Major, Minor, Dominant, Minor Sevenths, Augmented, and Diminished
  • Over 100 position diagrams in tablature
  • 12 keys
  • Mobile-optimized PDF file

This is a complete guide designed for quick reference on the charango. It focuses only on the inversions and chords that are genuinely useful, excluding unnecessary variants that can be derived from the presented chords.

In essence, this charango chord collection is crafted to be efficient, easily accessible, and beginner-friendly. It highlights the most used positions while also introducing key inversions.

How to study these chords on the Charango?

Start by learning chords built on natural keys and then move on to those built on altered keys. A good approach is to begin with the key of C major and study keys following the circle of fifths.

Each key includes notes at the bottom of the page: when we mention fundamental positions, it means the chords in that key can be used to construct similar chords in other keys. For example, the G major position, when moved up two semitones, forms an inversion of A major (remember that you might need to avoid playing the open string in such cases).

Essential Charango chords – PDF guide

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